Sonic Boom



Bang Bang! Booom! Bip Bip! To be heard over long distances is current to use blow horns, instruments that amplify the voice. Assemble your own megaphone and speak out your imagination. Try out in a football game or in your first public protest. Vibrant, isn’t it?

Target group

8 years +

Did you know?

Megaphone was enhanced by physical and American inventor Thomas Edison, who also worked on improving other devices like the telephone and microphone, and was the inventor of important electrical devices such as light bulb.

Related to Sonic

Sound doesn’t come out amplified

It is important to assure wire connections are secure and making good contact with the specific components, especially the loudspeaker. Open it back and check this particular connection because is the sole wire connection that you need to make and hasn’t any fixing glue. After connecting wires, if you turn the speaker contacts to be on top you’ll notice that wires will be more stretched so losing contact again will be unlikely to happen.

Data sheet

  • Sonic Boom
  • Ref-1103
  • EAN-5605580711039
  • Product Language is EN
  • Package is Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Instructions are Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Uses 4 batteries (AAA), not included
  • Compliant with EN71-1/2/3, ASTM, Phthalates / CPSIA, Total Cd, AZO, EN62115
  • Pack of 6 units


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