I See



Seeing is believing. A telescope is an optical device that allows you to see objects far away and may be used in astronomy to amplify the celestial images. Assemble you own minimal “Galileos eye”, capture light and magnify everything around you.

Target group

6 years +

Did you know?

Lenses and glasses were already known in the mid-century XIV. However, only in 1608 the Dutch scientist Hans Lippershey has built the first telescope. Two years later, Galileo Galilei applied this tool to astronomy.

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I see a blurry image

This project enables you to build a multi-element, Galilean-style telescope but as him, you’ll need to find out the focal length, the distance between lenses to its focus. The image will be blurry until you find out its focal point, by moving the eyepiece tube out. You will reach a point where the object comes out focused and magnified.

Data sheet

  • I See
  • Ref-m2p1201
  • EAN-5605580712012
  • Product Language is EN
  • Package is Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Instructions are Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Compliant with EN71-1/2/3, ASTM, Phthalates / CPSIA, Total Cd
  • Pack of 12 units


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