This is a toy and an experiment. You’ll learn something during assembly but you also get a toy to play at end. So you need to pass through all steps mentioned on our instructions booklet but doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily do it right away or on your first attempt. We can’t control your own experience but we’re sure you can do it, by your own!

Listed questions and answers, being populated, are all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular product or topic will help you further (if not, ask and we’ll try to answer).

About m2p

After sales service, which is your procedure

The best solution is always to return to the place of sale of your purchase, where resellers of our products will advise you. Your product also includes a batch number that you can use to contact us or our local wholesale partner for any question. All our products are quality controlled regarding parts completion because of our tray display but if you lost somehow something, like screws, report us by sending a photography preferably in the original packaging and with proof of purchase and we will see what we can spare to you.

Are Make2Play products original

Make2Play products are 100% original, “new” and authentic, as the brand and concept. That is our personal and distinctive signature. Would be easier to buy what is available in a factory somewhere and put our brand on top or just copy what others did before has if we were the first, but we couldn’t call it truly Make2Play. So we are driven by the “old school” way, because if we mission creativity, imagination and inspiration in kids and life, we can only meet that doing so. Everything started from the brand name and concept name and only after, we started defining product ranges and conceiving our own products. 3 years ago we first shown up product ideas at spielwarenmesse, which were trendy and welcomed by trade professionals, next year we shown 15 prototypes and year after 6 final products and new prototypes. In total we have around 30 prototypes ready for production and 100 product ideas for coming years.

Are your products quality compliant and safe

The well-being of kids is the top priority at Make2Play. Quality and safety are commitments for which we work on a daily basis. Each material, each product has undergone a thorough check. We work with licensed and independent laboratories performing tests of toxicity, resistance of materials and toys prior to issuing us certificates of conformity. All our products have TUV testing certification for Europe (EN 71/2/3) and USA (ASTM).

Can I buy directly? Can you tell me prices

We are creators of our products and manage Make2Play overall brand strategy. Local market strategies and prices are defined by our local wholesale partner, agents and stores according to each market reality and constraints. They will guide and recommend you better on our products and choice, because we are a niche market provider of educational products for children.

Can you send me your catalogue

We do not send catalogues by mail because we want to present ourselves in a more lively manner. If you want, visit us in a coming trade show, ask our local wholesale partner or get more acquainted by visiting the store nearest you. In any case you can always browse our online catalogue.

Is Make2Play really Portuguese

Make2Play is surprisingly Portuguese. Toys, designs and concept are all originally owned by Make2Play and conceived in Portugal. A small team of portuguese creators and designers always at the height of the latest trends creates toys that marvel each time.

Where to find Make2Play products

Make2Play is offered in different points of sale around the world, in Europe, to US and Japan. Stores that offer our brand may guide you and recommend you on our products. We invite you to find stores nearest you, otherwise contact us or our local wholesale partner.

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What’s on it

This is a basic electronic signaling device that works on the principle of closing an electronic circuit by means of a switch which powers a low voltage LED (light-emitting diode) and a buzzer, so it’s both sound and light emitted. You’ll play a “discovery” game by using two basic functions: sending Morse-coded signals and receiving/interpreting the coded signals.

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Will it play using a common needle

Remember you’ll be using just a common sewing steel needle or push-pin so you need to find one with proper diameter (not to thin nor to thick) to catch the groove of your record, otherwise it may slide over the record, scratch it or output a non recognizable sound. If you can, try even with a sapphire or diamond needle and check by yourself how sound is improved. Clean your needle whenever the point attracts dust over the record.

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My craft dog doesn’t stand up

You may need to put a bite more stuffing inside but if you already did it and still your dog doesn’t stand up as illustrated, reinforce both legs below tail and below head with 2x cross stitches.

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I see a blurry image

This project enables you to build a multi-element, Galilean-style telescope but as him, you’ll need to find out the focal length, the distance between lenses to its focus. The image will be blurry until you find out its focal point, by moving the eyepiece tube out. You will reach a point where the object comes out focused and magnified.

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Sound doesn’t come out amplified

It is important to assure wire connections are secure and making good contact with the specific components, especially the loudspeaker. Open it back and check this particular connection because is the sole wire connection that you need to make and hasn’t any fixing glue. After connecting wires, if you turn the speaker contacts to be on top you’ll notice that wires will be more stretched so losing contact again will be unlikely to happen.

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How do I know fan blades are assembled correctly
    The shiny/lustrous sides should be on top but and positioned following fan core part angles. Paper blades should fit in between fan core parts without being crushed.

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