Code Peer



The telegraph revolutionized the world of communications in the nineteenth century. Create your own station and codes to exchange secret messages with your friends. Transmit letters and numbers into light and sound!

Target group

6 years +

Did you know?

Request for international assistance signal SOS was created in 1912 shortly after the Titanic sink. Some people think that are the initials of the English words Save Our Souls but the truth is it was defined to be easier to remember and transmit in Morse code: … __ __ __ …

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What’s on it

This is a basic electronic signaling device that works on the principle of closing an electronic circuit by means of a switch which powers a low voltage LED (light-emitting diode) and a buzzer, so it’s both sound and light emitted. You’ll play a “discovery” game by using two basic functions: sending Morse-coded signals and receiving/interpreting the coded signals.

Data sheet

  • Code Peer
  • Ref-m2p1402
  • EAN-5605580714023
  • Product Language is EN
  • Package is Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Instructions are Multi-language DE, IT, FR, PT, ES (JP)
  • Uses 3 batteries (AAA), not included
  • Compliant with EN71-1/2/3, ASTM, Phthalates / CPSIA, Total Cd, EN62115
  • Pack of 12 units


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